tomato soup & grilled cheese

i believe that there is nothing better on a cold day than a bowl of tomato soup and a crispy grilled cheese, and this recipe will fulfill all of your soup and sandwich needs, i promise!

for the soup you will need:

3 medium-sized vine ripe tomatoes (1.5-2 lbs), quartered

1/2 onion, diced

1 can diced tomatoes (any brand, i used muir glen)

olive oil, salt, and pepper

1 can chicken broth

for the sandwich you will need:

2 slices of bread, i used rosemary sourdough from whole food’s

room temperature butter

cheese of choice, i used mild cheddar


  1. preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. place the tomatoes onto a sheetpan and drizzle with olive oil + season with salt and pepper. roast tomatoes for 1 hr
  3. heat up some oil on high heat and once heated, add in your onions
  4. season onions with salt and pepper and cook them for 7-8 minutes, until translucent
  5. once onions are cooked, pour in the roasted tomatoes (optional: peel them to prevent skins in soup), diced tomatoes, and chicken broth
  6. heat on high and let everything stew together and simmer for 20-30 minutes
  7. blend the soup with an immersion blender- if you like chunks in your soup, ladle a portion of the soup to the side before blending (check chef’s notes if you do not have one)
  8. let soup simmer on medium-low heat until ready to serve and season to preferences
  9. butter both sides of the two slices of bread
  10. place the bread onto a cold pan and then proceed to place the cheese
  11. finish the sandwich by putting the last slice of bread on top and turn the heat to medium + cover the pan
  12. after 3-4 minutes, check on sandwich and cook according to preferences!
  13. enjoy 🙂


chef’s notes:

if you do not have an immersion blender, ladle a portion of your soup to the side and let cool for 20-30 minutes before blending. you can blend all of your soup if you’d like, you’d just have to do it in multiple batches

you can add roasted garlic to the soup with the broth and tomatoes, just roast the garlic with some olive oil, salt, and pepper with the tomatoes (make sure the garlic is wrapped in aluminum foil)



homemade strawberry fruit snacks!

i’ve had a bad experience with gelatin in the past. believe me, sister one has had the brunt of those experiences. orange and lemonade jelly and jello so tense i have to pry it out with my fingers. i was extremely hesitant to try this recipe, but i am so glad that i did. the product you receive is not the gummy you receive from gummy bear packages, it’s more of a jelly-fied jello. i don’t know how to explain it, but they’re pucker-worthy and delicious! i adapted (or took) this recipe from desertswithbenefits, but i replaced the stevia with sugar and placed the liquid in a plastic container where i cut it up afterwards. i followed the directions, which were extremely simple, and love my product! i also strained the mixture after i pureed the strawberries and it turned out fine. i used frozen strawberries and thawed them for an hour before so that they pureed beautifully.

here is the link to the recipe, i hope that you decide to make it! it’s so delicious and you know what’s going in it so it’ll make you feel better haha. enjoy!

-sister 3

Simple Hot Chocolate

hello, sister three here! as it is nearing towards christmas, it’s getting colder and that means that it’s hot chocolate season! i’ve whipped up a very quick and simple hot chocolate recipe with only two ingredients and a simple ratio. the recipe included below is a very small recipe, not even making half a standard cup of hot chocolate, so i encourage you to double it!

you will need:

2 tbsp semisweet chocolate chips (i’m sure milk chocolate would work too but it’ll be sweeter)

1/4 cup milk


1. measure out the ingredients into a cup

2. microwave for 30 seconds

3. stir constantly until the mixture has taken on a chocolatey brown color

4. enjoy!

Taiwanese-Inspired French Onion Soup

it’s getting cold in atlanta (believe it or not), so i’ve been craving soup, french onion to be exact. something about the rich broth, onions that melt in your mouth and oozy cheese to me is incredible. so i decided to make a spin-off of it! instead of traditionally putting a piece of toast with cheese on it on top, i simply stirred in some cheddar cheese. i also used my mother’s beef stock, which is soy sauce based. here’s the recipe!

you will need:

onion (white or yellow will probably be okay)

undiscovered cheddar cheese (trader joe’s)

beef stock




  1. in a hot pot, melt some butter. once it’s all foamy, add in your onion. you can also add garlic, but i didn’t really like it in the soup so i would omit it. season with salt and pepper.
  2. caramelize your onions until they’re a nice and toasty brown color and drain off any excess butter. make sure to taste your onions and make sure they aren’t super crunchy!
  3. add in your beef stock and bring to a simmer. make sure to add water if your stock needs it!
  4. i brought my soup to a simmer and added water mutliple times, but that’s because i had a very difficult time getting the perfect inbetween between salty and watery soup. meanwhile, grate some of your cheese!
  5. pour your soup into the bowl and stir in the cheese. enjoy!

the key to perfect scrambled eggs

in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve been trying to make perfect scrambled eggs for years, no make that ages. just yesterday, i discovered the magic- my eggs were fluffy and not into shreds, and were probably the best ones i’ve made so far! i tried this twice (for the sake of science) and they worked as well! the key, believe it or not, is in the pan you use. i used to use a wide circular pan that was iron (not cast iron) and big, but this time i used a white and rectangular japanese pan that was rather small, so it conducted heat more easily, allowing the eggs to cook faster and be in full pieces. i was also able to cook them easier, because the pan was smaller. now onto the recipe!

you will need:

1 serving (or half a serving if you like lots of scrambled eggs)

2 eggs




  1. heat up oil and butter at a 1:1 ratio.
  2. start to whisk your eggs, making sure not to overmix- when they look pretty well mixed, that’s good!
  3. pour the eggs in the pan, making sure to “scrape” down the spatula constantly, this will help form the clumps of egg!
  4. cook until they’re desired to your preference, i prefer mine soft and fluffy.
  5. enjoy!

Brown Sugar Lemonade

i know what you’re thinking- brown sugar lemonade? why wouldn’t you just use white sugar? well, when you don’t have white sugar in your pantry because you used it all, improvisation is key. after a horrible tasting lemonade made with regular brown sugar, i first tested with a mixture of light brown sugar (turbinado) and the remaining white sugar, it tasted absolutely delicious. then i tried just using light brown sugar, and believe it or not, the result was just as incredible. this lemonade is extremely sour with a light sweetness, and i prefer mixing it with lots of ice for a maximum “it’s still summer” feeling. i hope you enjoy!

you will need:

2 lemons

light brown sugar

boiling water


  1. in a cup, stir together the light brown sugar and boiling water. i like to eyeball it, but i usually add a ton of brown sugar considering that you’re using two lemons. you’re looking for a concentrated syrup here.
  2. in another cup, squeeze out two lemons, i like to roll and microwave them for about 10-15 seconds to get as much juice from the lemons as possible. make sure to get out any seeds! i also like to squeeze, then use the juicer to get maximum juice.
  3. once the syrup has cooled down, pour the juice and syrup together and mix thoroughly. this is your lemonade concentrate- add as much water as you want to the liquid and stir together. don’t forget to add a ton of ice!
  4. enjoy!

-sister 3

AB&J Smoothie

hello! i’ve never been a big fan of peanut butter and jelly, but I read this recipe from buzzfeed for an almond butter and strawberry smoothie and thought it sounded delicious! i experimented, and due to lack of ingredients, i tinkered it a bit, and i think it’s a perfect mix of fruity and nutty.

you will need:

4 large strawberries (hulled and chopped, optional)

2 tbsp almond butter

2 tbsp low-fat vanilla yogurt

3 chunks of frozen banana


  1. blend all ingredients using a high-powered blender until smooth.
  2. enjoy!